and so we are engaged.

So as I walked through the mall this evening, with my very handsome boyfriend, I thought about perhaps going for sushi with some friends, maybe doing my nails, eating some ice cream, and doing some online shopping. He suggested we walk into a jewelry store, and when we did, I was in for quite the surprise. He walked me over to where several rings were sitting on the counter, and asked me to try them on. This was nothing new, we have often talked about getting engaged, we have even tried on wedding bands, and joked around about when and where. But this time was a little different. One ring was beautiful, and I gasped a little when it was slipped on my finger. He thanked the sales lady, and we walked out of the store. I went into the bathroom and didn’t think anything of it, came back out and couldn’t see him. I walked back towards the store and saw him standing inside. I walked in slowly, and as I did, he lowered onto one knee and brought out “THE” ring. And there, in the middle of the mall in Belleville, he asked me to marry him. Best. Moment. Ever. oh. I said yes. ❤

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